Some people touched the garment of Jesus and were made well. Others smacked Him in the face and hit Him on the head with sticks, and spit in His face, and never felt any virtue at all. It was their attitude of approach.

It depends on what attitude you come in. If you come believing that you're coming to get help, and you're confident that you're coming to the right Person, Jesus Christ, and you're coming His provided way of approach, you're going to receive something if you come reverently. If you come, "Well, I'll go touch and see if it helps me," that won't do any good at all. It's your approach to God's Divine article is what does it.

Just like the brass serpent. Why, the serpent didn't have no virtue in it. It was a piece of brass; they'd brought it up out of Egypt. Neither did the pole have any virtue in it, not a bit. But it was obeying what God said do that brought the power, that brought the virtue. It is obedience to the Word of God. And it's the same thing tonight.