Стихи Eilėraščiai Poetry


When you can look by faith into heaven

Into the deadly den of lions Daniel was cast,
And Satan screamed that he did prevail at last.
The hungry wicked foes ferociously roared
Desiring to snap their fangs around the servant of God.

But the Angel intervened, for Daniel He stood
And drove off the lions like kittens – they stayed put.
Their mouths watered as they waited all around,
And in the middle Daniel, God’s friend, lay safe and sound.

In the enclosed well the only way and haven –
When you can look by faith into heaven.
King Darius bent down and cried, “Daniel, are you alive???”
“My king, live for ever, God has preserved my life!”

Four ropes into the lion’s den to him were sent,
And Daniel through darkness began to ascend.
Higher and brighter, the lions’ roaring is behind.
He came into daylight, a brand new day has shined.

Daniel again can act and walk, and sing,
With lifted hands in prayer praises he can bring.

Composed in Russian by Sis. Anna Rodevich, translated and rhymed in English by Bro. Anton Lyakhovich.