Свидетельство Liudijimas Testimony

Brother Andrew Sh.


I see the Lord is giving another opportunity to testify for His glory. I have shared it with the pastor, and he asked to testify about it in the church.

That Tuesday it was very difficult for me to get here. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to come, but, nevertheless, I managed to arrive. Such a thought came into my heart, “After all, that’s my King, and I am going to meet Him. And life is always full problems, concerns...” I came to the service with this sort of attitude.

When the prayer line started, I decided that I would be a participant rather than a spectator. I was uplifting the pastor with all my strength as he was praying here for the people. And the devil immediately attacked me with a sharp pain in my heart, very acute... But when I saw that the devil dislikes my attitude, I said, “No, devil, now you won’t take the victory from me! I am standing in one channel with my pastor and with all those who were praying.” And that pain in the heart disappeared right away.

When we can point to the Word of God – the devil is afraid of it. May the Lord be glorified!