Свидетельство Liudijimas Testimony

Sister Lena V.


I wanted to testify last Tuesday, but there were quite a few other testimonies...

Some time ago I was prayed for, I received healing, but during the last month the problems with my eyes began bothering me again. I had to use eye drops daily, and on Sunday these eye drops finished. Before going to the church service, I went and asked that these eye drops would be brought to me from Belarus because it is very difficult to obtain them here in Lithuania.

During the Sunday service, already at the end of singing, anger suddenly filled me and I thought, “Enough is enough, devil! I won’t be doing anything with my eyes: I won’t be washing them, won’t be using the eye drops because nothing is wrong with me!”

The following morning I had to go to work, and earlier I couldn’t work without these eye drops. However, I managed to work on Monday and Tuesday. And when I came to the prayer meeting, the devil began approaching me with such thoughts, “Perhaps you are not healed at all? Look, all go to the prayer line, so you should join them too...”

But you know, it was so interesting the way it happened... If you noticed, there were a great many prayer requests for healing from eye problems. I understood that it was for me. Anyway, I didn’t go into the prayer line. However, today is already Thursday... I haven’t used any eye medication during these several days. In brief, I have received healing! Thank you!