Свидетельство Liudijimas Testimony

Brother Daniel B.


I also want to testify how wondrously God acts.        

I have already shared about it a little bit. When that prayer was offered (during the prayer meeting), there was a great need in my heart – to pray for our little boy. My wife, who stayed at home, had the same desire.

The baby was not feeding well, he was eating very little... You know, when this little creature, who is only a few days old, is getting weak right in front of your eyes and you can’t do anything to help him, fear comes into your heart, such anxiety, tremendous worrying...

After we prayed for him at the prayer meeting, God removed that pressure instantly, but the baby didn’t start eating better right away... I was asking the Lord in my thoughts, “May it strengthen my faith.”

I was musing, “Well, I will come home and will see my little boy just “shovelling up food”.” But nothing like this happened either that night or during several days afterwards... However, the Lord gave us special experiences during these days. This song kept sounding in the soul day and night: “God will not reject our prayers. Praying makes us stronger...” I believe that the Lord does not give these words just haphazardly – they sound at the right time, during special experiences. We were simply standing in prayer with faith, and in our hearts we already had peace, tranquillity and confidence in the Lord's presence...

It is the same as in lifting a heavy weight in a gym – in a week or a month the weight doesn’t become lighter, but our muscles grow and as days go by, it becomes much easier to lift it. That’s the very same experiences we were having in our family.

Now our baby boy eats more and more, and he continues growing... I thought that the Lord would answer the prayer instantly, but He did it differently, in His own way. After all, I had a need and I was asking that He would strengthen my faith, and the Lord knows how to do it better for us. Glory to Him!