Свидетельство Liudijimas Testimony

Brother Tadeush A.


Before we start praying, I’d like to testify briefly.

Remember, Bro. Andrew was singing the song which has the following words, “Worship, simply worship, in your trials worship, if you were hurting – worship, nothing matters – worship, He will hear your praise...”

This week at home we felt a very powerful pressure. It may seem that we should have been already accustomed to it, but it happens that this pressure increases immensely.

So, we had such days when my wife Raya had very strong pains, just awful pains which didn’t let her sleep at nights. Well, as for me, the devil also did his best to attack me... Of course, we were praying for one day, two days, but the pains didn’t go away. And in the morning we gathered our strength and Raya says, “You know what? Do you remember this song? Just as we were singing – let’s pray, shortly, in simplicity.” I knelt down, we laid our hands on each other and said a simple, short prayer. Very little time passed, and all pains left both Raya and me. Our Lord removed them within a minute. He is a real God!