Свидетельство Liudijimas Testimony

Sister Alla


I fell down at work, and I had a very strong pain shock – I couldn't recuperate for an hour. We summoned the ambulance, but I felt bad in the hospital, too. Then it began getting better gradually, but the pain in the arm didn't cease... As I was leaving the hospital, I had to put my signature, but the arm didn't function at all – I couldn't even take a pen with my right hand. They gave me the sick-leave certificate... At home, when I began eating, I couldn't pick up a fork with my right hand. Sis. Lena, who was visiting us at that moment, said, “The saints were praying for you...” And I thought, “Oh, that's why my condition improved there! No, I will take the fork with my right hand anyway...”

When I was prayed for here during the prayer service, I could raise my arm and could even clap at the end of the service... And after we sang the song, which has the following words in it, “I will accept the full Word...” – it spoke to me so convincingly, “If you accept it FULLY, this prayer, then it means that you are completely healed, and you should go to work tomorrow, but if not – then you will be treated for a month or two...” And the next morning, although my arm and hand was still aching (I didn't sleep for almost the whole night), I phoned to my workplace and said that I would come to work. I just said it by faith, “Yes, I will be working!” When I came to work, all my pain vanished – as if it wasn't there in the first place. On my way home from work, I slipped on the icy sidewalk and again landed on this injured hand. I was lying on the ground and was thinking, “Well, Satan, again you wanted to get me down, and you attacked this hand again... But I will get up and will walk – and it won't be aching anymore!” So, I stood up and continued walking. Glory to God!