Свидетельство Liudijimas Testimony

Sister Lyuba


While praying for his sister Lyuda, Bro. Pavel said that the Lord is here now. We know it anyhow, but at that moment these words spoke to me in a special way...

Last time I testified how the Lord performed a miracle – that cold left me instantly. I mentioned that I had quite a few problems pertaining to my throat. I believe that by His stripes I am healed, but still that “bunch of diseases” was pressing me. For many years, my ears would suffer from some blockage, and there was a lump in my throat which would hinder me from talking, then I would have shortness of breath as well as the little toe would ache (the problems with the little toe continued for about eight years, especially the pain would become more intense in spring and autumn).

So, today I was working for a whole day, the little toe swelled a lot and ached awfully – just burnt with pain. Various doctors examined me twice, but they didn’t diagnose the cause of these pains.

While Bro. Pavel was praying and said that the Lord is here now, I thought, “Truly, the Lord is here! Then why can’t I attract His healing? After all, it is so painful for me to even stand...” And I said, “Lord, don’t pass me by. I am throwing this “bunch of diseases” to the devil and I am accepting Your healing!”

You know, I just could feel it – everything vanished! I just deliberately stood there for a while – all those problems were really gone: my ears “were unblocked” and the little toe doesn’t ache at all. Glory to the Lord, hallelujah! I am grateful to Him!