Свидетельство Liudijimas Testimony

Sister Zhanna Z.


That same Tuesday I went forward to be prayed for. My back was aching for a long time, and doctors discovered two spinal hernias. I can’t say that I came to terms with it – let it be as it is. Despite that I was still waiting for the healing from the Lord.

I returned home. My back wasn’t aching one day, two days... But I am thinking, “Nevertheless, I need to find out for sure that these pains have really vanished.”

Soon afterwards Lena Shestel came to me. I began testifying to her, “Lena, now in the mornings I get up like a young girl” (and prior to that it was very difficult for me to get up – those who had similar problems know what I am talking about). I said, “I haven’t had any backache for a whole week.” And she goes, “And you haven’t testified to anyone about it? Well, you are an unbeliever!” I felt so ashamed...                 

When I came to the service, Andrew Shestel went forward as a song leader and said, “Ten lepers were healed, but only one returned to Jesus...” I thought, “That’s it – I must go to the platform and share my testimony.”

So, glory to the Lord! He has healed me.