Стихи Eilėraščiai Poetry


All mysteries in our life are not haphazard…


If God in His great mind us ordained,
His mysteries in us He meticulously framed.
And only the Message gave “decoding keys” to us
That we would walk again in our very paths.

Perhaps, our legs were making steps
In hills and valleys, mountains and steppes;
And yet so near, by the house, there is a piece of land
Where our feet somehow did not walk on that sand…

What does it speak about? What is the gist?
In God our pre-planned journey does exist!
We ought to learn to look from a certain angle
That God’s ordained life we would “untangle”.

‘Cause He had thought about all items and details:
Our height, the number of the hairs, our nails.
And hairs on our head are even numbered –
It shows Omniscient God Who can’t be cumbered…

All mysteries in our life are not haphazard!
They are unique, peculiar and not without hazard!
And if we deeper look inside of our heart,
We’ll see how all these secrets in our life did start.

We are so glad that God has ministers in His Abode
Through whom He does all mysteries for us “decode”!
These servants can tremendous help provide
To show how threads of “misunderstood life” are untied.

As church, we enter a special time and season
After the wilderness experience – there is a reason…
It’s simply not another blessing or “recreation”,
But rather a special move of God in us and revelation!

/ in the wake of the testimony of Bro. Vin Dayal on 11-08-2015 /