Стихи Eilėraščiai Poetry


We must our ego prevail and people in amnesia avail!


We fight in the spiritual battles so dire
Among bombs of false doctrines, under enemies’ fire.
And if a missile or a mine detonates,
A serious wound contusion creates.

Amnesia is this injury’s name,
And for stronger affliction it is to blame.
Concussion, worry, shock or a blow –
They will make suffer both young and old.

And also by getting between two opinions
Or by yielding to human dominion,
A warrior may lose his memory and mind,
And to seclusion he will be inclined.

A shell-shocked soldier in his heart is forlorn,
Although “in the Message” he “was born”…
He must be led to familiar places,
Among spiritual trees in Eden’s graces.

Perhaps he will come to the Word’s little trail
And meet his Father whose love doesn’t fail…
For many years “in the Message” he may “walk”,
But with theophany so far he cannot talk…

Spiritual amnesia, his memory’s lapse
Like a vehement tempest swirls him and traps.
Around the Word he’ll be roaming “back yonder”;
Not knowing himself he’ll continue to wander…

We must our self overcome and prevail
And people in amnesia sincerely avail!
And only having met the Seventh Seal
We will be able to deliver and to heal!