Стихи Eilėraščiai Poetry


Among rocks the eaglet his mystery unlocks


Above high peaks an eagle soared,
Amid white mantles of the slopes.
His screams with echo struck a chord,
He looked ahead with blessed hopes.

Then tears dimmed his eyes so sharp:
He suddenly recalled that time
When free became his burdened heart
And out of fear did it climb…

He was an eaglet at that season;
Inside the egg he bent and waited…
It seemed he waited for no reason…
He felt forlorn, alienated…

Back then he experienced First Pull:
He was wearing his life away…
Next the gloomy tiny world of the hull
Began to crack like potter’s clay.

And lo, a ray of light came through
From the world beyond the egg!
He looked up yonder and did view…
In sky he recognized his Eagle-Dad.

The eaglet broke with his beak the shell –
His Second Pull now opened wide.
His birthplace Junior could tell,
And with the nest he now identified.

He contemplated, looked around
At trees, the sun, the azure sky.
He stared at the ridges so spellbound,
And then Alpine forest he did eye.

The eaglet Daddy’s strength admired,
His Mama gave him love and safety.
And if a weasel harm to do desired,
He’d know how eagles’ claws are hefty.

The eaglet grew, was getting strong
And thought his life would go like that…
That in the nest he’d sit for long
And him the parents would pet…

But he knew not stage number three –
It far surpassed the egg and nest.
‘Cause God did greater works foresee
And as the Father led him best…

That day sublime came at last:
The eagles stirred the nest awry
And, though the eaglet cried aghast,
They shot with him into the sky.

Then Father shook him off his wings,
And in the air he began to tumble.
But soon revealed he wondrous things:
His lot was not around nest to stumble.

The law of twain wings, lo, he unlocked
And understood his telescopic vision.
His joyful flight in heaven nothing blocked,
And he began to study divine television.

Since then he used his beak to rip
The meat of quarry that he caught.
And as his mysteries revealed the deep,
His screams of triumph into heaven shot.

O friend, perhaps you sit at church
And rummage in the nest of Second Pull.
You harm yourself by idle search,
Not staying under God’s dimension’s rule.

Third Pull will God to you unfold –
Far greater than to be at church “a loyal guy”!
He’s led you for six thousand years to this goal
That like an eagle in the Word you’d fly.

And when you soar in God’s Eternal Word,
Your eagle eyes will tears wet – there’s a reason…
You will sincerely sing praises to the Lord
That He has given you two wings and vision.

/ In the wake of Bro. Vin Dayal’s sermon “Eagle Nazarites of the End Time, or Samson’s Last Great Kill” which he preached in Quito, Ecuador, on 11-10-2015 /