Стихи Eilėraščiai Poetry


The deep in us is calling to theophany...


The psalmist rested by rocks at Engedi.
In nature he loved His God to behold.
A purling creek to utter words was ready:
It wanted to David so much to unfold!..

It yearned to unlock the universe
And majesty of God’s creative Word.
The creek its water freely did disperse,
And David here grazed his herd.

The heat at noon was unrelenting:
All moisture from earth evaporated,
And in the desert animals were panting
After the water that in dale circulated.

And here the psalmist saw a hart
Which came to drink and thirst to slake.
In that instance he was about to start
To bow at the brook and water to take.

He afterwards the waterfalls did eye
Which from the rugged rocks cascaded.
The view was so spectacular and high
That carnal thoughts in majesty just faded.

Then thunder shook Engedi in the vale!
The azure sky was overcast by clouds.
The rain came to earth in gusty gale –
With lively drops and refreshing spouts.

The view after the shower was sublime:
All mountains with waterfalls were decked!
The brown cliffs with emerald did chime
As roaring streams the slopes there specked!

The splendid scenery amid the rocks revealed
So gently touched the strings of David’s heart.
That view with rainbow to his eyes appealed,
And to create a psalm for him was not so hard…

In the forty second Psalm did David write
How thirsted he for God, the living God.
The panting of that hart he there did recite,
Which runs to water brooks upon dry sod.

Deep calleth unto deep by waterspouts
In David’s soul with thundering cascades.
And in the rainbow that waterfalls enshrouds
He sees himself in God without any shades.

We must see ourselves so clearly displayed,
‘Cause the theophany calls to our deep!
When we do blend with it, to us will be portrayed
How our life for others benefits will reap.

The Lord Jesus said in one Beatitude:
“Blessed is who thirsts for righteousness of God!”
Then David showed same thirst and attitude,
Which the gateway to theophany has brought.

“Under the altar” with robes clean and white
There are theophanies that long to merge with us.
At Marriage of the Lamb all tears will be wiped:
In those blessed regions sufferings will pass.