Стихи Eilėraščiai Poetry


The Lord I AM — not “I was or will be”

По следам проповеди: 

The Lord I AM — not “I was or will be” —
Has said, “I'll never forsake and leave thee.”
Free access to the Word He has revealed,
And nothing from His Bride He has concealed.

God changed His “masks” all through the ages;
To us, His elect, He gave “hints” on Bible pages.
The Message came and all the Seals It broke —
God is unveiled: He's taken off His “cloak”.

In the beginning God put on the Word,
Then with the flesh He did Himself “gird”.
The Lord “En Morphe” adopted all forms,
To express His great plan that in Bride He performs.

As Pillar of Light He came in Adam's days,
Then to Abraham — through Theophany gateways.
To Moses He appeared: the bush did not burn;
Later he saw Him as His back He did turn.

Above the camp at night the Light did God enshroud.
At daytime with the Covenant was hiding He in Cloud.
And in the tent Shekinah Glory was divine,
Between two cherubim It did pulsate and shine.

Various “formats” adopts the Lord God,
And thereby people overlook Him a lot.
Back then Jesus seemed as a carpenter's son,
But a certain centurion saw the Godhead in Man.

The Heaven consists of various “rooms” —
The lives of Bible heroes fill them with “perfumes”.
And in every epoch the Lord did permit
That entrance to some men His “key” would admit.

The messengers — Irenaeus and Martin,
Columba, Luther and Wesley —
Did certain “parlours” enter,
But God the fullness of the Word did not to them yet render.

Luther entered “parlour” called justification,
Then on earth he fought with fervent indignation.
He spiritual battles did wage and prevailed,
But other revelations to him were not unveiled.

John Wesley entered “chamber” named sanctification.
Along with Luther's truth, he had more revelation.
However, other “rooms” he could not then survey —
God only that much did truth to him convey.

And afterwards came the gifts' restoration,
It blended with purging and justification.
Yet people of that era into other “mansions”
Failed to enter in quest for clues to their questions.

John the Divine was the type of the Bride,
And Heaven to him was opened wide.
And what is in Heaven? What can be sought?
The Heaven consists of Eternal God's Word!

An angel, a prophet came to sojourn,
The Almighty God did send him to John.
The messenger showed the Word to the Bride:
The Heaven through doors John happily eyed.

The Bible's Enfilade is now open to us —
The joy to walk “the suite” can nothing surpass!
All Thunders in the Seals to us did sound:
The meaning thereof the prophet did expound.

The Thunders are wisdom and revelation,
They brought the full Word manifestation!
And that fullness, though “in small format”,
Did Isaiah see when into Royal Court he gat.

Isaiah beheld the King on His Throne:
By “breeze of revelation” was he “blown”!
In Spirit he flew to that Balustrade,
And there King opened to him Enfilade.

Through “suite of rooms” Isaiah “zoomed”,
And then with “mini-format” on earth his life resumed.
The Bible comprises sixty-six books
And that's how many chapters his story also took.

Like Jacob of old, did Ezekiel
In Spirit make journey to Divine Bethel.
He saw cherubim, and also like John,
Perceived the redemption from God the I AM.

To Ezekiel God a scroll did give
And instruction to eat it he did receive.
Like John the Divine, he ate all the Word
And then a new song to God there brought.

So, what did John see on the Lord's day?
How hell he disarmed and kept demons at bay?
He perceived God I AM has no limits and bounds —
He fell there prostrate and with praises Him crowned.

He did overcome Satan's bluff and conceit,
His four coloured horses and their deceit,
The dragon and three unclean spirits like frogs,
Whose guile and lie many people befogs.

Now Satan stands helpless before Royal Bride:
God's omnipotence him triumphantly tied!
The Bride — end-time Esther is one with the King,
They did devil's kingdom to final doom bring.

Then cheer up, brethren, in the spiritual strife
Against sinful flesh — in the battle for life!
If wisdom and knowledge you lack, and you might,
Let's launch then at once for a heavenly flight!

On Jacob's Ladder to the top we'll ascend,
In celestial “rooms” we'll visit our friends.
Daniel and Solomon will with wisdom endow;
For encouragement to Job we'll surely go.

Jacob will tell us secrets of grace
And how any battle to boldly face.
Joseph will open to us the perfection
That we are peculiar priests by election.

Whatever may be our need or request —
The answer in Heaven is granted and blessed!
Our Lord is I AM — not “I was or will be”!
And access to Him in the Word is just free!

By the great Constellation this access was made,
Seven Angels did lift us to that Enfilade!
They united Genesis with Revelation
And lent to us wings with their elation!

Let's destroy “barricades” of all our foes!
The full Word is opened and conquers all woes!
We'll possess our Land with the help from the King
And new songs everywhere to Him we will sing!