Стихи Eilėraščiai Poetry


The revealed redemption plan leads us further in Canaan!

По следам проповеди: 

We said goodbye to this year gone by
Among the friends with happy faces.
Although some trials made us sigh,
But our hearts show no sad traces.

The Lord abundantly us blessed:
Gifts showered from spiritual trees.
Resources in the soul couldn’t be suppressed —
We opened our treasuries with keys.

Delightedly we realized the riches
We had in the Lord from the start.
We were knitted closer by fraternal stitches,
And redemption song burst from our hearts.

We studied the feasts of the Lord —
Seven feasts in Leviticus described —
And there mysteries for Gentiles were unlocked.
The Lord said, “Like Ruth, you can’t be denied.”

In Boaz we saw the Lord of the Harvest,
He was that Seventh Seal’s revelation.
And then he was alone at the floor in darkness,
When Ruth at his feet found affirmation.

We long, as Asenath, Esther and Ruth,
To please the King of kings in everything.
Antichrist, as Haman, is defeated by the Truth —
We are more than able to spiritually win!

As Joshua, we’ve entered our Promised Land:
We march with the Captain of God’s host!
And since 2015 the Lord for us has planned,
We walk triumphantly in the Holy Ghost!